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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy belated Birthday!

To my Lovely Mom Tengku Asmah, Happy 62nd Belated Birthday. It was 20 years already. She became as a single mother. .. We are soo proud to have u as a Bonda. Thank you very much for everything that u have done to us.. We are always with you and try harder to make u happy, feel good, safe and enjoy...

Also to my youngest and handsome (ehemmm..) bro Tengku Anif, Happy 27th Belated Birthday. You are a man already. A father to Tengku Nur Ahmad, a husband to Nurlina, your life partner. An advisor to 5th of us.. so sad, its not 6. I remembered at the time u want to get married.. Do you care.. how much make up did i touch up the bridegroom, how much tears did we spend to the wedding...

May Allah bless you all. Thanks for sharing our memoriable life.. yesterday, today and tomorrow forever..

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Happy Birthday Princess!

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