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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to my love AMNA ADDINI!

Yesterday was Amna's birthday. We bought a red small car to her.. heheee... she was sooo excited. gedik2 badan dia bila tengok car tu.. and as usual Hasya was a busy person to join her sister playing the red car. WE were very happy to see them. So nice!!

And today.. I go to the office with a .. bitter smile.. depress, stress, ... ala semua orang keje sama jerkk.. a lot of work, buzy, dont have time to relax, ...... alaaa RELAX aaaa rtny! 6 weeks more before final exam. After that.. u'll take your semester break before the next semester coming!!

I think i need a family vacationlaa.. any suggestion???

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eiyta said...

nak pg vacation ker k tini????
sy dulu minat nk jd tourist guide tau...byk tempat menarik kat malaysia nie....akak nk tempat mcm mana???tanah tinggi???pantai?pulau? (but i think pulau is not that good idea with two addini), water world???
bukit fraser, bukit tinggi, cherating pun ok, awana kijal my family favorite spot, ataupun bole pg melaka...ada water world, safari..mesti addini suka...

Happy Birthday Princess!

Hasya Addini

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