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Monday, July 13, 2009

She smiles at me..

New semester began.. new lecturers.. okla not bad, new friends too.. especially junior.

1. Uhukss berita yang paling ditunggu2.. Date for final exam.. uhukss is on Hari Raya 6. So how..? Can u imagine it? Sabtu lepas sakan aku shoping baju raya putri2 kat sogo.. tapi, camne ni... uhuuuu

2. Thanks to all my beautiful friends there. I miss u all!! Thanks to make me laugh.. laugh.. and laugh.. all the day except for pray and lecture

3. She smiled at me..!! Big smile from her to me... Yeaaah!!.. she waived me back.. through the door. What miracle you have.. i don't know. But it make me smile during the terrible journey last night.. during my nite.. and also during my day.. hopefully until i get your smile back next week yeah.. I miss u !

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